ART ROUNDHAY PARK // Results are Out! Sales increase 332% !!!

And we couldn’t have done it with out you so a huge THANK YOU to all our visitors, customers and artists over the three seasons at Art Roundhay Park.

We’ve reviewed and analysed the results looking at visits, sales and payments to artists and producers. It’s all positive, with a 381% increase in income going back to the artists and a 332% increase in sales over the three seasons.

We’re hugely delighted with the results.

“It felt different this time round, more art, more artists, more sales and visitors were keen; repeat customers, visiting Art Roundhay Park with an intention to view the art, engage and buy. We were concerned about extending the exhibition into the winter months, yet January was, initially, our busiest month. However, our last day’s trading exceeded all sales per day and made March our best month for sales (and with only 17 days trading). As we continue to develop and learn, we know there’s still so much to show and do at Art Roundhay Park.”

Infographic for Key Facts + Precis for all three seasons:

Highlights Art Roundhay Park

19 October 2018 - 17 March 2019 (season 3):

  • A total of 21 artists and 7 producers

  • 90% of artists that exhibited sold one or more than one piece;

  • 86% of all producers sold;

  • Sales increase of 332%

  • Payment to artists increase of 381%

  • 6654 visitors in just 150 days;

  • 51% of sales = original art (of which 75% = David Lyon Art);

  • 49% of sales = local producers and The English Art Co.; (of which 78% = The English Art Co.);

  • 488,974 organic reach (unique users) on Facebook with 73,743 engagements; 50.5k impressions on Twitter; PR in Yorkshire Evening Post, regional press, North Leeds Life, Metro, Leeds Inspired, Leeds List;

  • March was our busiest month (and only 17 days trading helped by our last day trading exceeding all sales per day), followed by January (surprisingly);

  • We’ve increased income, raised profiles and made use of a superb space in a very beautiful location;

  • We've inspired many lapsed artists to take up art again;

  • We’ve raised a little for charity;

  • We've encouraged and mentored artists including a new artist from Roundhay School. At only 16 years, her original work sold;

  • We've given over £15,000 back to local artists and producers which in turn goes back into the local community.

What we love about Art Roundhay Park is providing opportunities for artists, new, emerging and professional - to sell within a beautiful location, giving income back to them. By 2020 the UK online retail sector is forecast to increase by 47.1%. One thing I've learnt from Art Roundhay Park is that buyers need to see and to connect with original art and the artist, and Art Roundhay Park at The Mansion Conservatory provided just that.

Continuing the success of Art Roundhay Park?

We're currently waiting for decisions to be made (proposals are with all parties), looking for retail space (in Roundhay currently @ £36,000 per annum!) and planning a series of pop-ups.

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  • "Lovely to meet you both, I hope you can take up residence in Roundhay Park again I look forward to viewing your art works in the near future”

  • "You've inspired me to try some new methods of creating art myself"

  • “Wow Wow, this is fantastic, fabulous, what wonderful colours, you’ve brightened up my day!”

  • "A wonderful gallery, we've visited many times. A shame it will go"

  • "Lovely works of art"

  • "Lovely, colourful and uplifting"

  • "Wonderful and inspiring art. A great exhibition"

  • "Thank you for a lovely and varied exhibition!"

  • "How lovely to have such talent and colour, and it's local!"

  • "An excellent exhibition. I am inspired!"

  • "So much to see. Can't wait to visit again"

  • "Terrific art, thank you!"

  • "A lovely display of beautiful art, thank you"

  • "Great stuff David Lyon"

  • "Inspirational variety of artistic styles and techniques. Thoroughly enjoyable"

  • "Think it’s absolutely fantastic what we’re doing”

    With thanks to:

  • Dine and The Mansion for use of the space;

  • To our artists and designers for taking part;

  • To Leeds City Council, Friends of Roundhay Park and Leeds Parks;

  • To visitors who have encouraged, bought and loved the space;

  • To local media, Yorkshire Evening Post, Leeds Inspired, Leeds List for promoting the event;

  • To Project Six Studios for use of photography and video production.