We're looking for help - Intern Position - Leeds

We're looking for a voluntary intern to help, one or two days a week, during the summer and autumn. In return we will pay food - lunch - and reasonable travel expenses.

You will be working in a very exciting, challenging environment, based in Leeds City Centre at the offices of Entrepreneurial Spark, working alongside many other entrepreneurs. There are opportunities, whilst you are there, to attend workshops and seminars, and be involved in the collaborative surroundings. Interns can further their learning and networks, in return for their hard work and commitment.

Interns should expect to play an important role in bringing exposure to our brand, product and business, learning many new skills along the journey.

We're looking for a student/undergraduate:

  • wanting to help one or two days a week during the holidays
  • with an art/design background with an understanding of the visual arts, photography and creative design
  • who understands the basics of website design, tagging, metadata - basic knowledge of html
  • who would be able to design newsletters in html (an advantage)
  • with a good understanding of Adobe design software
  • with a good understanding of all social channels, especially Instagram and Facebook; especially how to recruit influencers; you would be given some direction with regards to content
  • who loves photography and would be able to take supplement social media with amazing photographs
  • You will need to be a good communicator, entrepreneurial and creative.

In return you will be:

  • food and travel expenses, paid on a monthly basis
  • given support, help and training
  • able to use your skills in art, photography, design
  • working within a creative industry
  • work within an artistic environment
  • involved in studio photography at our studio in Leeds
  • working out of Entrepreneurial Sparks - Leeds city centre office


  • One/two days a week
  • 1-3 months
  • Working hours: 10am - 5pm

Email your CV through, with a covering note, to Catriona@TheEnglishArtCo.co.uk 

Catriona Moore is the founder of new business The English Art Co. with artist David Lyon Art.

We aim to support artists by producing and selling product featuring original art that's made in the UK and giving income back to the artist.

Catriona and The English Art Co. are part of the Entrepreneurial Spark - the world's largest free business and people accelerator programme - based in Leeds, where we, and the business, are challenged to progress our business.

She has worked in the design, print, arts and licensing industry for 25 years at main board director level and as managing director of her own design studio for 13 years.