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David Lyon

David is a fine artist based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. He studied art at Bolton College of Art and Design, before completing a BA (hons) in graphic design at Leeds Polytechnic. David went on to build a career as an illustrator and designer and began exhibiting his paintings in 1997.

"I am fascinated by natural form and I am in the process [and possibly always will be] of developing an organic way of working that refers to the world around us but recalls, reshapes and reimagines that world by memory.

 I explore the properties of acrylic paint creating texture using fingers as well as brushes, rags and newspaper. Overlaying the paint to create a surface history, concealing and then exposing by scratching and sandpapering. I sometimes embed found objects into the paint that have been discarded and favour objects that have weathered, worn and rusted, that exhibit the passing of time."

He's had several solo and some selected group exhibitions in the UK with many of his pieces included in private collections.

Contact: Dave@davidlyonart.co.uk




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