Meet the Artists + Producers //

Our artists and producers are also volunteering to help us out which also gives you an opportunity to meet them.

They’d be delighted to meet you and talk about their processes. You might even see them at work!

Dates as follows:


David Lyon Art //

Every Saturday 10am - 1pm

Every Monday 10am - 4pm

Every Friday 1pm - 4pm

Catherine Pape //

Weds 21st November 10am - 1pm

Weds 5th December 10am - 1pm

Gary Crowder //

Weds 14th November 10am - 1pm

Weds 12th December 10am - 1pm

Sarah Thornton //

Fri 23rd November 10am - 1pm

Tues 11th December 10am - 1pm

Beverley Porter //

Thurs 15th November 1pm - 4pm

Fri 7th December 10am - 1pm

Simon Lewis //

Sat 1st December 10am - 1pm

Charlotte Raffo

The Monkey Puzzle Tree //

Fri 16th November 10am - 4pm

Robert Greenwood + Ryoko Minamitani //

Kindly already volunteered; further dates to be confirmed