Snowy Peaks - ceramic triptych - by Beverley Porter Ceramics

Snowy Peaks - ceramic triptych - by Beverley Porter Ceramics


This body of work has developed through my affinity with the Yorkshire Moors and Coastline throughout the seasons. The dramatic colours and rich textures are reflected by the surface texture of my ceramic plaques. I am fascinated by the wonderful array of textures of Yorkshire millstone and grit, worn sandstone against wiry grasses, heather and bracken. The way the coastal cliffs change from chalk to sandstone and clay, tumbling down onto the beach to mingle with shingle and old rotting wooden breakers. I find the landscape to be an endless source of inspiration.

I work intuitively with the clay using a variety of mark making onto the wet clay surface, each piece is entirely unique. The pieces are dried slowly then bisque fired to 1000 degrees. I then begin to hand paint each scene using underglaze pigments and stains before a second slightly higher firing to 1100 degrees. To finish I apply a layer of wax to seal the surface.


Beverley Porter


CLICK + COLLECT: Leeds: Art Roundhay Park

The Mansion Conservatory, Roundhay Park, Mansion Lane, Leeds, LS8 2HH. 

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