Submitting Photography

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It can be complicated and time consuming to take your own photographs - unless you know what you're doing. This is why we offer our photography service.

We can only accept the highest quality images to ensure it reproduces to the highest standard on all of our products.

If you are comfortable with photographing your own art then here's a few reminders:

  • please make sure your art is clean and dust free
  • good lighting is essential - natural daylight is fine but make sure it is cloudy, you are near a window and no shadows are being cast
  • make sure your art is flat and straight
  • your camera needs to be a professional camera (iPhone and iPad is no good) and set to maximum resolution, low ISO (100 or 200), but high aperture, disable the flash
  • use a tripod and set up your camera. Using the timer works well too.

We require high resolution image as large as possible but minimum should be height 2400px x width 3000px. (RGB TIF preferred or maximum quality RGB JPG, preferred profile Adobe RGB (1988)). 

Once you're happy with your photograph, send us a link via Dropbox or contact us we'll send you a link to upload.

Tips for improving your own photography can be found here:

How to photograph your art 

Queries or prefer to discuss with Catriona? Please call her on 07968 131866 or email her at