Art Roundhay Park Terms + Conditions


Art Roundhay Park, Leeds

In these Terms & Conditions the following definitions are: 

  • ‘Organiser’ refers to The English Art Co. (registered company: IONA Publishing Limited); 
    ‘Exhibitors’ refers to any persons selected to participate in Art Roundhay Park, The Mansion Conservatory, Roundhay Park, Mansion Lane, Leeds, LS8 2HH.

  • The organiser accepts no liability for the loss or damage to exhibitors' work, neither during the event, nor during setting-up or dismantling.

  • Exhibitors are responsible for displaying their work.

  • Insurance is the responsibility of the individual exhibitor and the exhibitors must insure they are covered for all eventualities (including public liability insurance).

  • All exhibitors should give full cooperation to the organisers and/or appointed publicity contractor in attempting to achieve coverage and promotion for the event

  • The organiser cannot accept responsibility for any issues arising as a result of problems with the venue or its staff. If, because of war, fire, strike, or other cause beyond the control of the organisers, the event is cancelled, exhibitors remain liable for stand fees and the organisers shall have no liability to exhibitors from the loss of income resulting from such cancellation.

  • If the organiser cancels the event, exhibitors' deposits and stand fees (if applicable) will be reimbursed in full but the organiser cannot be held liable for any additional expenses incurred.

  • The organiser has the right to cancel the exhibition at any point and will not be liable for costs incurred.

  • Any agreements entered into by the exhibitor and an external contractor or supplier at the event, are the responsibility of the exhibitor and the organiser cannot accept liability for claims resulting from the failure of any of its contractors or suppliers to deliver goods or services.

  • Whilst the organiser makes every effort to ensure that exhibitors contact details are correct in the promotional material for the event, the organiser cannot accept responsibility for any errors printed therein and the organiser shall have no liability to exhibitors for any claims resulting from such errors.

  • To assist the organisers in promoting the show, exhibitors must agree to grant the organisers a non exclusive copyright licence to use images for any promotional materials supplied to the organiser and/or its appointed publicity contractor. 

  • Exhibitors must not display goods of an inflammable, noxious or obscene nature. Fabrics used for display purposes must be fireproofed. 

  • Exhibitors will be liable for any damage they may cause to the event building/structure.

    Art Roundhay Park, Leeds is hosted by The English Art Co., t/a IONA Publishing Limited, 8 Roman Avenue, Leeds LS8 2AN.