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Hello, I'm Catriona Moore, born in Scotland, living in England and married to the artist David Lyon. As a lover of art and design and with many years' experience in the marketing, design and licensing industry running IONA Publishing, we turned our focus to David Lyon Art. As sales increased of David's prints, calendars and greeting cards, his work became more commercial and too far removed from the creative process and core of his work.

So I formed The English Art Co., where we now produce high quality design-led prints, notebooks, stationery and homewares, leaving David Lyon Art free to focus solely on painting and drawing, the creative process, techniques and gallery exhibitions.

In January 2017 we were selected by the team at Entrepreneurial Spark - the world’s largest free business and people accelerator programme sponsored by KPMG, Nat West, Dell and Pinsent Mason - to attend a 3-month programme of cognitive and action-centred development. At the end of the 3 months, we were accepted to continue the programme for a further 6 months! #GoDo!

All products feature the artist's original art, are unique, are proudly made in the UK with the aim of supporting artists in the UK.

This business model has worked for David, so we're now working with other artists' original work too.