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Do you know £5.13* is the average hourly rate earnt by artists in the UK before they pay any overheads?

Hello, I'm Catriona Moore, born in Scotland, living in England and married to the artist David Lyon. As a lover of art and design and with many years' experience in the marketing, design and licensing industry, we turned our focus to David Lyon Art. As sales increased, not only of David's original art, but of his prints and greeting cards too, his work became more commercial and too far removed from the creative process and core of his work.

So in 2017 I founded The English Art Co. to increase income not just for David but other UK artists.

We create unique quality products, featuring artists from the UK, that's made in the UK, by reproducing original pieces of art onto virtually anything, leaving the artist free to focus on the creative process. These products include high quality prints, notebooks, stationery, homewares, candles, cushions and aprons. Opportunities for sales are then provided by selling into retailers, at art fairs, trade shows, pop-ups and online. 

In January 2017 The English Art Co. was selected by Entrepreneurial Spark - the world’s largest free business and people accelerator programme sponsored by KPMG, Nat West, Dell and Pinsent Mason - and I attended a 9-month programme of cognitive and action-centred development.

To date we've sold online, in retailers, have recruited artists, exhibited at Country Living Fairs, popped up at HSBC branches, attended a Northern Powerhouse trade mission to Paris where we pitched in the British Embassy to French businesses.

More recently we launched and hosted the successful Art Roundhay Park* in Leeds which helped a total of 56 artists and producers exhibit and successfully sell over the three seasons; where 11810 visitors visited over a total of 247 days. The last season saw 90% of artists and 86% of producers sell many times, with 60% being original art and sales increasing by 332%. A total of over £15,000 went back to the artists. We’re due back on 12th October 2019.

By 2020 the UK online retail sector is forecast to increase by 47.1% and we will have a share of that market. But what we’ve learnt, at Art Roundhay Park, is that the buyer needs to connect with the artist and original art.

If you're an artist, designer, student, manufacturer or volunteer and are interested in working or selling with us, please get in touch with

All products feature the artist's original art, are unique, are proudly made in the UK with the aim of supporting artists in the UK.

Brand Values

British We're British all the way through.

Unique Each range is unique to The English Art Co. as only we use the artist's original art.

Quality Our ranges are manufactured in the UK to the highest quality possible.

Passion We're passionate about art, our artists, our ranges and everything we do too!

* Source: please email for further information regarding this data.